Mt Lehman History

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...2014 marked the 130th anniversary of Mt. Lehman School, the 120th anniversary of the Mt. Lehman United Church and the 110th anniversary of the Mt. Lehman Community Hall.


...Miss Ella Coghlan was the first school teacher in1884

...John McLean taught school in Mt. Lehman from 1893 -1896 and went on to become Minister of Education and later Premier of BC.

...the older section of the school, containing the older 2 rooms (facing Mt. Lehman Rd) of the present school, is the third school on the present site.


...the land for the Mt. Lehman School was donated by the Bangs family.

...Mt. Lehman School is the oldest continuously operating school in District #34 Abbotsford.


...over 60 years ago, within 2 miles of the Mt. Lehman School, there were 15 wooden bridges, some 100 feet long.

...Mt. Lehman Landing on the Fraser River is at the end of Landing Road.  Pilings still remain from the Mt. Lehman warf. 1883, Thompsons Store & Mt. Lehman Post Office operated at this landing.

...Mt. Lehman Landing was the only entry point for the Matsqui area and was served by steamboats.


...Mt. Lehman pioneers raised vegetables and dairy products, selling them to the New Westminster Market.

...over 70 years ago Mt. Lehman Centre consisted of a Hardware store, a Feed Co-operative, a Bank, 2 General Stores, Post Office, a Shoemaker Shop, a Butcher Shop, a Library and a Train Station.


...from 1910 - 1952, the B.C. Electric Railway provided passenger trains and freight service twice daily to Vancouver, as well as an "owl" train on Saturday night from Vancouver to Mt. Lehman Station.